Have you ever thought of working independently ?

Do you think you can handle a task independently ?

You can earn in $ even doing your job and in free time doing some work on odesk.

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How to join Odesk

1.  Go to odesk.com

2.  Click on the click account

3.  Choose ,  follow the next process and create the account.

4. Pass the odesk readiness test and pass some relative test like if you want to work for PHP pass the php test, you can go to http://www.odesk.com/tests for test.

Tips to get the job on odesk

1. After passing the odesk readiness test and some related tests start bidding for the job , go to search type search keyword like PHP and select the jobs from the dropdown menu  and start bidding the job.

2.  To get the job initially start bidding for the small amount of job finish that job on time and get good feedback from the clients then start bidding for the big job , you will sure get one try to get the done successfully get the feedback , enjoy working on the odesk ….

Just register on odesk as Freelance Provider and start searching the job.

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